Who is Stand Tall?

Stand Tall 4 PTS is made up of a small team who achieve big things. We come from varied backgrounds and all bring something unique to the team.




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Sir Angus Houston


Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is that one day, every Australian will have a clear understanding of and respect for those who are affected by PTS. We see an Australia where PTS has the full support of Governments for research and treatment.

Our Mission

To make every person in Australia aware of PTS.
To dispel misconceptions about PTS and break down stigma.
To help increase professional support channels.
To lobby governments to properly recognise PTS and to supply adequate funds for meaningful research.


The stigma associated with PTS exacerbates the problems. It stands in the way of addressing the problem and it can be the cause of the social dysfunction for those with PTS. Rejection in the employment application process is often a result of this condition.


Our role is to provide people with PTS with some simple, straightforward answers; to open their minds to acceptance of their condition; to guide them towards professional help, and to give them some hope of permanent respite from the seemingly relentless symptoms that they suffer.

Our Work

'15 In September 2015, this Stand Tall team led by Tony Dell staged an International Conference for PTS called PTSD15 with a theme of ‘’seeking solutions together’’. This was arguably the most significant clinical PTS event in our history.

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'16 In June 2016 the Stand Tall team ran a convoy of military vehicles, a Linfox semi trailer which acted as a mobile billboard and various first responder vehicles from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne

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'17 At present Stand Tall is working on the second international conference, PTS17 to be held at the Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre on September 8 and 9, followed by a major public awareness day at the Allan Border Field

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