An update to the Stand Tall Logo

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Stand Tall for PTS has been slowly evolving ever since 2011 but it has gathered pace in the last 12 months with two major events. The first was our clinical forum called PTSD15 which we think created our own little piece of clinical PTS history. The second was our recently concluded Lightning Bolt Convoy where we created some national awareness history.
In our original orange brochure we explained that the lightning bolt in our logo ‘’symbolised the instant that people are changed by the shocking anguish of PTS that inevitably permeates families and even whole communities.’’
Back then the bolt was a small part of the logo but as we’ve evolved it has come to symbolise more and more just what we are attempting to achieve and it needs to be more prominent in our branding.
When we created the logo for the convoy the bolt was front and centre and that has become the stepping stone for the new logo for Stand Tall.
Since working on the convoy we have developed a new line which explains what we are seeking to achieve.
‘’From Awareness comes Knowledge. From Knowledge comes Action. Action Saves Lives.’’
Those three words, Awareness Knowledge Action are now part of the new logo.
Is it a bit busy….maybe, but is it meaningful…yes it is.

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