Dr Richard Magtengaard

In Speaker by Joshua Hawthorn

Dr Richard Magtengaard is the current Director of the Military Trauma Recovery Programme at the Marian Centre (a 69 bed private hospital in Perth, Western Australia). This programme is suitable for Defence personnel, Veterans and other professionals including Police Officers, Paramedics and all of those who have also endured ongoing trauma within the performance of their duties.

Dr Magtengaard served for 10 years as a Commissioned Officer within the Royal Australian Navy before moving on to practice medicine and becoming a Consultant Psychiatrist. He remains an active member of the Australasian Military Medical Association (AMMA) and his team has developed affiliations with the ADF Joint Health Command (JHC), St John’s Ambulance (SJA) and also WAPOL. He remains committed to the mental health and general well-being of Defence personnel and Veterans, alongside our first responders and their families.