Fiona Donaldson

In Speaker by Joshua Hawthorn

Fiona Donaldson works for WA Police as the Assistant Director of Health and Safety and is one of 15 Western Australian’s awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2016. Her passion for programs that contribute to the wellbeing of emergency services personnel has taken her on a global adventure to explore new possibilities for Australia.

Fiona has evaluated programs in the USA, Canada and UK that focus on keeping people well and reducing stigma around normal reactions to the abnormal events that emergency services personnel are exposed to.

Fiona will investigate best practice with the ultimate aim to bring back knowledge for the benefit of Australian first responders.

Psychological wellbeing is becoming a bigger consideration in the workplace. Workplaces are moving out of the research phase and into the “how do we do it” phase.” Fiona hopes her research will provide a common framework so that workplaces are not individually “reinventing the wheel”.