Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is one of the most serious mental illnesses affecting up to 1.5 million Australians. To raise awareness, the Stand Tall For PTS charity has released four Community Service Announcements (CSAs).

They were produced entirely pro bono by a generous team who contributed hours of time and resources for this very worthy cause. The contributor list includes the management of the emergency services training facility at Port of Brisbane, teams from Queensland Police, Queensland Fire Services, Queensland Ambulance and the Australian Defence Forces at Enoggera Army Barracks who gave of their time and resources to produce these four very arresting commercials. The Damien Bredberg production team includes cinematographer/DOP Damien Bredberg, producers Nicole Leatherby, Casey King and Tara Henry (also actor), Camera Assistants Steve Mena and Paul Castle, and offline editor Roy Kolberg.

The scripts were prepared by Writer Allan Hartley and Art Director Carissa Jackson of True Creative. Final post production by Post Lounge, project managed by Brock Smith and voice over services kindly donated by Mike Lange.

The ADF CSA is the story of a returned soldier who experiences Post Traumatic Stress but is supported by his mate.

The second commercial is the story of a post traumatic stress affected police officer who attends a dramatic domestic violence matter and how he is caringly supported by his life partner.

This dramatic paramedics commercial depicts the traumatic stress some officers can experience in their daily routines. The impact it can have is real and this is why we encourage teams to support their members.

Firefighters not only tend to fires like that shown in this TV commercial, but also experience horrific scenes in traffic accidents. They are also impacted by the trauma they witness and need the support of team members.