Ever since Gallipoli, Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) in the Military seems to have flown under the radar or been largely ignored and very much misunderstood. Back then the condition was known as Shell Shock and it was even thought to be a physical condition. Later on in World War II, it was known as War Neurosis. It wasn’t until the 1980’s, after The Vietnam War, following some research did it acquire its present name.

Since then, the causes and the symptoms have become more understood and it has also become known that PTS is rife in the Police Force, the Fire Service, the Ambulance Service and the SES. If we then include the unfortunate victims of crime, accidents and natural disasters, there are well over one million Australians with some degree of PTS at any one time and funding, diagnosis and treatment of PTS needs more work.

This is our second International Forum for PTS, designed to bring together people and organizations to share knowledge and advancements in treatment for this illness. One of the successes of the event in 2015 was the desire to share military based research with first responder bodies.

We feel that communities all over the world should be working together to find ways to help those who have PTS to assimilate back into society and become contributing citizens again.
You are invited to be a part of this significant event…


Miriam Dwyer

Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation

Tony Dell

Stand Tall 4 PTS Founder

David Forbes

Phoenix Australia

Andrew Khoo

Phoenix Australia


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