Tony Dell was a national serviceman in 1966 to 1968 and deployed to Vietnam with 2RAR in 1967/68. On his return he played five seasons of Sheffield Shield cricket with Queensland and was lucky enough to play two test matches for Australia with Ian Chappell as his captain.

Forty years after he got home from Vietnam he was diagnosed with PTS and only then did he realise the reasons for the multitude of things that had gone wrong in his life. He then qualified to receive a TPI pension and after being told there was a stipulation of only being allowed to work just eight hours a week he decided to set up a not for profit entity to create national awareness for PTS and in so doing help to reduce the stigma, help to educate our youth and encourage governments to do more.

In this period where we are commemorating the 100 year anniversary of WW1, Stand Tall is concentrating its efforts to highlight the plight of our Veterans and First Responders who have contracted this illness in the service of their country or their fellow Australians. We feel that we have an obligation to try to help these brave men and women to become contributing members of our society once again. By doing this we feel that we will also be helping the million plus other Australians with this illness.

In September 2015, this Stand Tall team led by Tony Dell staged an International Conference for PTS called PTSD15 with a theme of ‘’seeking solutions together’’. This was arguably the most significant clinical PTS event in our history. In June 2016 the Stand Tall team ran a convoy of military vehicles, a Linfox semi trailer which acted as a mobile billboard and various first responder vehicles from Brisbane to Sydney to Canberra to Melbourne over eleven days stopping at various regional centres along the way. The concept with the convoy was to create more public awareness of PTS and Stand Tall is confident that there was a reach figure of up to ten million over that period.

At present Stand Tall is working on the second international conference, PTS17 to be held at the Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre on September 8 and 9. This will be followed by a major public awareness day at the Allan Border Field with a display of Military and First Responder vehicles, celebrity 20/20 Cricket, Fashions in the Field, music and the inaugural Military Sporting Hall of Fame awards and ESO displays.