WA police officers call for support

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“If you get hurt at work you’d usually expect to be covered by some form of workers’ compensation, but not if you’re a police officer in Western Australia. That’s because WA is the only state that doesn’t have a compensation scheme in place for its police.”

Read the transcript of the discussion for PTSD compensation in WA by clicking here.


  1. Cannot believe that in 2017 that here in Australia, that West Australian police are NOT covered by the most basic protection that all other workers in all industries and workplaces – except for those in the slave trade – are free to go to work knowing that they will, if injured in any form, be protected and helped by those who employ them.
    This anomaly could be put to rights and it is almost beyond belief that it has gone on for so long and that there is no push by those in authority to get the government to bring in the necessary laws to fix the problem.

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